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10 Interesting Zone in Transport Museum

Transport Museum Studio Movie Star, he’s are available zone :

1. Main Hall Zone

The first room to be penetrated by visitors is the main Hall Zone. In this zone, a collection of transportation equipment from various countries with different time on display.

2. Educational Zone

The zone covering an area of 900 m2, containing information and history about the means of transportation from time to time. Not only serves its development in Indonesia, but also explains the history of the world by means of transport tools interactive.

3. Sunda Kelapa & Batavia Zone

Present Harbour Tower Syahbandar, in this zone you will feel the sensation of being lived in Batavia, the name for Jakarta during colonial. Not forget, transportation tool at that time was also presented.

4. Gangster Town & Broadway Street Zone

If you’re a fan of gangster world, the name of Al Capone is definitely no stranger. American Gangster’s statue is present in this zone are sitting and suitable ‘ invited ‘ to take pictures. In addition, the Broadway street is also equipped with a wide variety of classic and unique cars.

5. European Zone

In addition to have a collection of tool carrier, this museum also built miniature Italy, France, Germany, and London in the shades of night complete with another.

6. Buckingham Palace Zone

United Kingdom-made cars such as Blackburn, Matchless, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Raligh, Fillir, Francis Barnett, Austin, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce, and others present in this zone. To make it more ambience Buckingham, LandRover car ever shown used by Queen Elizabeth during a parade in Australia.

7. Las Vegas Zone

Zone Las Vegas presents a gate bearing the ‘ Fabulous Las Vegas ‘, is suitable to take pictures!

8. Hollywood Zone

Are you movie lovers ? In this zone, will be a lot of found’s favorite actors and actresses, complete with a background that reads “Hollywood Hills” and to be sure, the classic cars were embellished.

9. Floating Market Zone

Want to buy a gift shop ? A variety of souvenirs and merchandise Transport Museum as well as a gift shop Archipelago of typical Stone here , so you don’t need to bother out area for shopping. You can get all in Floating Market.

10. D’topeng Kingdom Zone

Already explored in various countries by zone in the Transport Museum Studio + Movie Star, now is the time you know the typical mask Indonesia from different islands.

Well, from zones offered Transport Museum + Movie Star Studio, still willingly miss it ?

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