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Edelweiss – The Story Of Everlasting Flower

Leontopodium alpinum, usually called edelweiss, is a well-known mountain flower, belonging to the Asteraceae (the daisy or sunflower family).

Edelweiss is a flower that would have been familiar to the activist nature hiking, because the flowers of this perennial is currently only able to grow big in the height of the mountain and requires full sun. This beautiful flower is familiar with the climbers and inspired many people through the beauty and timelessness of the display. No wonder that this flower is called a perennial flower, because it blooms in a long time.

Edelweiss flower original or often called the Everlasting Flower is actually the Leontopodium interest that exists only in the Alps, not flowers Edelweis Java or Anaphalis javanica. But what power already, because this is the real interest rate is a yellow powder within 1-3 days after bloom will fall off, leaving only the petals.

Durable petals that often ‘stolen by the mountaineers. And they finally missed because only bring eternal flower petals. Edelweiss flower is endemic species of flowering plants are found in mountainous areas in Java, South Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Lombok.

Edelweiss flower that likes full sun is the size of an adult can reach 8 feet in height, but generally only reach a height of less than one meter. Edelweiss flower commonly seen between the months of April to August, which in late July-August is the best bloom phase.

Edelweiss flower (Anaphalis javanica) is very popular among travelers. This flower is dried and sold as souvenirs. This condition causes the plant species is experiencing scarcity. In the region of Mount Bromo Tengger East Java, this plant is considered extinct. The numbers continued to decline to make these plants are protected in the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango, West Java. Prohibition to pluck this flower clearly displayed, but often times difficult to avoid picking Edelweiss flower of hands the hands of ignorant who try to smuggle such interest.

The good news, interest Edelweis Java (Anaphalis javanica) are now widely cultivated by farmers in the Dieng Plateau in Central Java. These farmers cultivate by planting saplings were grown from seed and spread around the mother tree and planted in upland areas over 1000 meters above sea level, in chalky or sandy clay with pH (soil acidity) between 4-7.

Indomitable will and consciousness of us to make Edelweis remain a perennial flower and grows in the wild. Leave him there to welcome the beautifully climbers. Keep Edelweis from the heart.

Edelweiss (sometimes written Eidelweis) or Edelweis Java (Javanese edelweiss) also known as the Eternal Flower has a Latin name Anaphalis javanica, is a plant endemic alpine zone / montana in various high mountains of Indonesia. This plant can reach a height of up to 8 m with a trunk reaching for the human foot, although generally not exceed 1 m.

Behind the beauty of the edelweiss flower apparently saved a myth, in which those who gave flowers to his partner, then his love will be eternal. Not a few lovers who make this perennial flower become one special gift for his partner. That said, it was meant to be a lasting love.

Mmm .., if you talk about the myth is indeed difficult, although sometimes it does not make sense. But on the other hand, when the position we have become a victim, on the contrary, The Myth able to beat a logic and belief“. Do not believe? Try it tanyain to your friends about this. Or maybe some of you have a separate story about this myth.

Who does not know the edelweiss flower, or a lot of people who give the term with perennial flowers. If seen from the shape of this flower is very beautiful, and the beauty behind it is stored or mythical meaning that pretty much believe it. It took a struggle to get it, because this one flower usually grows in the tops or slopes.

Therefore you can imagine how difficult it is to be able to pluck the flowers of this perennial. People say, To get a beautiful edelweiss flower, the greater the risk faced“, because the life is the challenge. Given that the edelweiss flower has become a rare and protected flower, raids also one of the risks that must be borne.

But .., phenomena that exist today it requires us to be wise and make the common thread that remains edelweiss flower as if if a release thirst when we stand at a high peak, where around us is this perennial flower beds. Save Edelweis!

So, if your girlfriend asks, Why are you (suddenly) do not like the edelweiss flower? Is not that perennial flowers that can make us immortal love as the edelweiss flower? . Search for other reasons aja deh, ya .. maybe you can say, Flower was too beautiful for me ..“, “I can not bear to see it, because only this interest peaks and valleys in the mountains to be beautiful ..“, or, we Love will be more beautiful and enduring interest if you give .. . For those who believe that the edelweiss flower could make you immortal love, it would be wise if you just let it grow and perennial flowers fit into place.

You will never get eternal love (from perennial flower), but it is true love (also not of a flower Edelweis). And you just will not get both if you do not believe that you are currently feeling.

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