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Ijen Boulevard

Along Ijen boulevard, there are big beautiful houses and with decorated Bougenville flowers and Palm trees with the background of old-fashioned-Dutch architecture houses. These houses were built with Dutch influence and occupied by the Dutch during the colonial era. Due to nice weather in Malang, it became a popular destination for Dutch people and other Europeans, especially those who lived in Surabaya.

Ijen is a name of a mountain in East Java. This street is separated by a long park decorated with bougainvillea and carnation flowers. Palm trees line the streets. A friend said that it looks South France. You can see the old-fashioned Dutch characteristics on the houses and buildings in Malang city, especially the houses on this beautiful, well preserved street.

Malang’s government wants to keep the Dutch architect of old buildings. The owner has to get a permit from the government if they want to renovate their houses.

Another old building from Dutch colonial time on this street is St.Maria dari Gunung Karmel (St. Maria from Karmel mountain). This is a beautiful catholic church and is still used for mass.

This street is also used as the location for Festival Malang Kembali or Old Time Malang Festive. This annual festival is held for a few days in May. The first festival was held in 2006. The street is changed to look like colonial times (Dutch Memories) and the old-fashioned-Dutch architecture houses are good and suitable background for this feast.

There is also a path for pedestrian. You can take a walk along this street or take becak (pedicab) to enjoy the boulevard of Malang.


Brawijaya Army Museum is also located in this boulevard with its old weapons used in independence war.



Beside that, Immanuel Church and the Public Library also located across the road, it has thousands of literatures.


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