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Anang Family Karaoke / 5 Lounge & Terrace

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Anang Family Karaoke is a family karaoke founded by Indonesian singer Anang Hermansyah. Anang Family Karaoke has the FIRST system in Indonesia that gives per-song royalties to musicians. Our target is to meet people's tastes in all circles who want a trend to sing, hang out, or party in a cozy, fun, polite yet affordable place.

In addition to karaoke we also provide food and beverage services at an affordable price and a variety of menu. The karaoke rates are determined by the size of the room, for example for small rooms (4-5 people) Rp.50.000 / jam rates, up to VVIP class which includes 30-35 people charged Rp 215.000 / jam.

Room facilities complete with affordable rates.

Friendly service.

Songs are always updated.

Many interesting promos every month.

The presence of exciting events that dear if you miss.

The existence of various kinds of media material promo.

Latest Property Reviews

  • "Nice place to hangout"
    Family karaoke,, Great place for gathering,, great soundsystems,, and songs... Awesome place to celebrate something and have some fun
  • "Quite good n the food is delicious"
    The place is cozy and complete there is live music including a lounge bar
  • "The place is really nice and the food is tasty"
    Exciting places of excitement. The room is comfortable, the audio quality is pretty good, with a wide selection of songs
  • "Nice place for relax listening live music"


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