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  • "It's huge,comfort n cool"
    I think it is the best cantonese restaurant in Malang city
  • "Delicious!"
    Restaurant with chinese food main menu that is luxurious and very classy..the room is arranged with a round table per 10 seats add to the elegant impression on this restaurant
  • "I love this food and the view. this place is cool"
    The food is delicious, should try sweet sour pork, swekiau(dumpling) soup, and their "leng pan" (cold salad)
  • "A Chinese restaurant food is quite representative."
    Cuisine Best Chinese Food in the City Araya - Malang. Cooks most ever to come directly from China. With a vast and magnificent reception building, which has been upgraded to a greater extent, so as to accommodate more visitors 3-4 times more than before. Park in its own land, precisely in 3depan across the street from Rumah Makan KDS itself. Spacious, roomy and comfortable in a private vehicle park, able to accommodate the large number of visitors' personal vehicles.


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